Virtual Freight Inspector Information

Virtual Freight Inspections (VFI) is a nation wide Cargo/Freight inspection company. The inspections are typically requested by major national Motor Carriers from all parts of the U.S. and parts of Canada. Inspectors receive an email and text notification when an inspection has been ordered in their area. All inspections should be completed within 3 business days of receiving an order.

Your status with VFI

When you work for VFI, you are an independent contractor (1099) hired to provide pictures and written reports using a proprietary form produced by VFI. You are responsible for business related expends, deducting or withholding an taxes, FICA or any other deductions. This is typical for all 1099 workers.

How you are paid

Each inspector has a territory based on specific zip codes to include the closest metro areas. You will be given a specific list of zip codes and the pay rate for inspections performed in that zip code. VFI sets these rates and all rates are pre-negotiated with VFI's clients. Inspectors also get paid more for rush inspections and inspections with an on site time of greater than one hour. Inspectors are paid within thirty days and an inspectors pay also increases with proven proficiency.


Each applicant must perform a series of demonstration/sample inspections under the direction of VFI management. As a subcontractor, each inspector serves alongside a Regional Manager who reviews each inspection and assists in the amending, if necessary, of an inspection.

What is involved in an inspection

The inspector arranges and appointment at the site of the freight based on information provided in an email. The inspector follows a standard inspection form and takes relevant pictures. The inspector returns to the VFI web site to fill out the online inspection input form and uploads their pictures.

Skills / Attributes needed for an inspector

  • Availability and promptness
  • Observational writing skills
  • Follow through
  • Other Basic requirements:
    • Knowledge of the use of a digital camera
    • DSL or higher internet connection
    • A modern up to date internet browser

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Thank you again for considering VFI,
Don Barranco, President