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    Virtual Freight Inspections (VFI) is a nation wide Cargo/Freight inspection company. The inspections are typically requested by major national Motor Carriers from all parts of the U.S. and parts of Canada. Inspectors receive an email and text notification when an inspection has been ordered in their area.

    Your status with VFI:

    If a contract is agreed to, you serve as are an independent contractor asked to provide pictures and written reports using a proprietary form produced by VFI. You are responsible for business related expenses, deducting or withholding any taxes, FICA or any other deductions. You will receive a year end 1099 form. Some requests for inspections are `rushes`. As an independent contractor, you are in charge of your own time and you have the ability to communicate that a rush request (done in 24 hours) does not fit your schedule.

    How you are paid:

    Each contractor agrees to partner with VFI to perform inspections in zip codes mutually agreed upon. Compensation, per zip code, is also agree on prior to your providing services.


    Training is provided, it is based on your experience as an inspector. Experience as an inspector is not needed; however the ability to observe is a needed skill.

    What is involved in an inspection:

    The inspector arranges an appointment at the site of the freight based on information provided in an email. The inspector visits the site and gathers the information. The inspector returns to the VFI web site to fill out the on-line inspection input form and uploads their pictures.

    Skills / Attributes needed for an inspector:

    • Independence
    • Observational writing skills
    • Follow through
    • Other Basic requirements:
      • Knowledge of the use of a digital camera
      • DSL or higher internet connection
      • A modern up to date internet browser

    Thank you for considering VFI!
    Matthew Hakes / President

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